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CALDER State Data

Brief descriptions of the data available for CALDER research by state appear below.


The longitudinal dataset in Florida is composed of linked administrative student and teacher records. The data contain student variables such as test scores, course selections, course grades, discipline information, attendance, immigrant status, home language, pre-school data (if attended a public pre-school), gifted status, other exceptionality status, demographics and neighborhood, teacher variables such as highest degree, certification type, experience, professional development activities, as well as school and district financial information including spending on object and staff categories. In addition, Florida maintains school level financial and personnel data.

More information available from:

K-20 Education Data Warehouse.


Missouri's dataset matches higher education student records, to state teaching records and school and district information. The higher education records of students enrolled in public 2- and 4-year colleges in the state contain information including high school enrollment, high school GPA and class rank, scores on college entrance exams, college coursework, college major and GPA and degree earned. Teacher records have teachers' certification type, assignment, title, salary, and demographics. Matched records also have been linked to information on teachers' schools and districts, including aggregate test performance and student demographics.

More information available from:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Division of School Improvement – Core Data Collection System

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Division of School Improvement – Missouri Assessment Program

Missouri Department of Higher Education

New York

The New York state dataset is composed of teacher administrative records, University of New York (CUNY) and New York City student records matched over time. Variables on the teacher records include undergraduate institution, teacher preparation program, highest degree, certification area, certification scores, past and present assignment, years of experience, place of residence, and demographics, and these records can be linked to many teachers' SAT scores, high school enrollment, college enrollment, college GPA and coursework. Teacher records also include information such as school and district test performance and student demographics. Additionally, New York City student records contain individual-level test and demographic data that have been linked to the records of their teachers.

More information available from:

New York State Education Department Information and Reporting Services

New York State Education Department Information and Reporting Services Student Information Repository System (SIRS)

New York City Department of Education

North Carolina

North Carolina's dataset includes student records, teacher records plus school and district information. Student variables are individual test scores, demographics, free/reduced price lunch status, learning disability status, exceptionality status and disciplinary information. Teacher variables are teachers' highest degree, license type, license area, licensure test scores, salary, assignment, and are connected to school and district information on aggregate student demographics and test performance.

More information available from:

North Carolina Education Research Data Center


The dataset in Texas is composed of matched student grade-level and teacher records. Student-level information includes test scores and demographics as well as information on students' higher education experience of those who attend public post-secondary institutions in the state. Texas has also obtained data from the National Student Clearinghouse on out-of-state public and private college attendance and degree attainment of its students. These data are matched with detailed state administrative teacher records, which contain variables like teacher test scores and demographic information. Additionally, several large school districts have agreed to share individual student-level data that can be matched with the detailed teacher records held by the state.

More information available from:

Public Education Information Management System

PK – 16 Public Education Information Resource

University of Texas at Dallas Texas Schools Project

Texas Education Agency

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board


Washington State datasets contain detailed information on all teachers and other school personnel in the state. Teacher information includes teachers' assignments, contracts, demographics, highest degree, teacher preparation and professional development credits, salary and years of experience, and their records will be linked across years to follow teaching histories in the state. Teacher records are also matched with student test scores and demographic information at both the school and district level.

More information available from:

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Other States/School Districts

While our studies will primarily use data and focus on studies of the states above, we will supplement this work with information on other states/school districts that seem especially relevant for the policy question examined. For example, while undertaking studies of immigrant students, studies may be supplemented with work done examining students in Chicago and some California school districts. While California does not have a comprehensive longitudinal dataset in place, individual school districts do and we can thus supplement our state studies with studies of high immigrant districts in other states. As other states develop more comprehensive systems, we hope to expand the scope of our work.

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